College Welcomes AmeriCorps VISTA Worker

Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College would like to welcome Kristina Estrada to the community. She is part of the AmeriCorps VISTA organization serving the College through the American Indian Higher Education Consortium. AmeriCorps VISTA is an organization that builds capacity in three areas: education, environmental stewardship, and health promotion.

Kristina’s primary role is to work with beginning farmers and students to promote the use of sustainable agriculture to connect both native and scientific knowledge. Another focus is to create sustainable business opportunities. Kristina states, “I’m passionate about this because I believe that the future is based on youth and sustainable agriculture to create local food systems and a better connection to the environment.” The College looks forward to the knowledge and implementation of projects for our community through the AmeriCorps Vista partnership.

For more information regarding the AmeriCorps Vista projects, call the LCOOC Sustainable Agriculture Research Station at 715-634-9666.

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