Internship Spotlight | Spring 2019

Work-based learning experiences like internships offer students the opportunity to learn alongside professionals to develop valuable skills and connections to prepare them for their transition into the workforce.

Internships are student driven and we can be created to serve the student's long term career goals.

Georgia Bogat

Georgia is a part-time LCOOCC student and has been attending courses since 2016. Georgia was recognized for making the President's List during this year’s Award’s Banquet. Georgia is very interested in accounting and has demonstrated great strengths in dealing with numbers.

Georgia’s Project Success internship was coordinated between TRiO and Student Services with a large portion of her internship being data entry.

Julia Buck

Julia is a LCOOCC Student enrolled into the Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Degree and is a 2019 Graduate. Julia has interned with LCO Conservation with the Wild Rice Program. She has tested the water quality of several of the rice beds and monitored them for future growth.

Jared Carley

Jared is in his first year at LCOOCC and is currently studying Liberal Arts. Jared has a passion for film and media production and has accumulated experience in audio/visual production. Jared was able to participate in a new Audio Production internship with LCOOCC Extension Teacher, Mark Lundeen. Jared and Mark were able to work on several exciting media projects that will benefit the college and LCO community.

Nicole Carley

Nicole is a full-time student at LCOOCC interning at Seeley Animal Clinic. Nicole is currently studying Science and is passionate about pursuing a career as a veterinarian. Nicole is a hard-working student who has made the Dean’s list on several occasions. Nicole also participated in this year’s Science Research Trip to Costa Rica.

Josh Charette

Joshua Charette is Anishinabe from the Red Cliff and Lac du Flambeau tribes. Joshua is pursuing a Native American Studies Language Curriculum Degree and is the proud father of Waaseyaa Adeline Charette. As an intern for Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College at Lac du Flambeau Outreach, Joshua has been assisting at the Outreach site and preparing Ojibwemo Idiiyaang ~ The Place Where We Come To Speak. Ojibwemo Idiiyanng is the language center at Lac du Flambeau Outreach and with the guidance of Elders, Joshua is preparing to conduct a language table and developing an Ojibwemowin Resource Center. The Ojibwemo Idiiyaang Center will house audio/visual materials and language documentation, in addition to creating a place where we come~Idiiyaang, to speak the language~Ojibwemo and share stories. Joshua is also an artist and dancer who enjoys attending community celebrations – the internship and Ojibwemowin experience is vital to his success and brings him strength. Joshua is planning to teach Ojibwemowin and use his skills to encourage other students and community members to know their language and culture.

Marley Corbine

Marley is a 2nd year student at LCOOCC. She is passionate about business and is currently pursuing a career in a related field. Marley began her internship through the LCOOCC Business Office and has added nothing but value to each of the 4 departments she reports too. Marley is a very hard-working individual who has had success in previous semesters and will continue to succeed at LCOOCC.

Shane Corbine

Shane is currently enrolled in the LCOOCC Culinary Arts Certificate. Shane has demonstrated a sincere passion for cooking and has a promising outlook as a future chef. Shane began his internship through Bakade Café during the Fall 2018 semester and has been learning more everyday about what it takes to become a chef. Shane has assisted in catering large scale events, cooking daily meals, taking inventory, and routinely participating kitchen preparation.

Carlena Dennis

Carlena warmly welcomes anyone who walks through the front doors of LCOOCC. She adds quality and care to even the simplest task. Carlena demonstrates resiliency and thorough dedication to her job daily and provides a personal connection point to both evening and weekend students.

Bowen Fear

Bowen has been working toward an associate degree of science- he has made the Dean’s list on several occasions- Bowen plans to pursue a career in Wildlife Science. Bowen is a dedicated hard-working individual who adds value to whatever internship position he is in. The Ganawenjigejig Charter School was launched in November 2018 and is the first Tribal Environmental Charter school in Wisconsin. The school is still very much in its beginning stages. The charter school experienced some challenges related to scheduling and clarity- Bowen remained resilient and creatively partnered with LCOOCC departments to add value to both the college and charter school.

Desiree Fleming

Desriee Fleming is in her first year of college, pursing an Associates of Science Degree. Desiree is hard working and self-motivated. Her internship with the LCO School Nurse has provided her with the first-hand experience of the responsibilities and duties of working as a School Nurse, which provides Desiree with experience to help her decide what to focus her education on in the future.

Maria Gil

Maria has grown both professionally and personally within this first year of college. Maria is a thorough learner and gets into the detailed specifics of each task. Maria has overcome personal and academic challenges and has come out stronger and more prepared to succeed at LCOOCC.

Lydia Kessenich

Lydia is a student at LCOOCC. Lydia is pursuing associates of Human Services. She is a quick learner. Lydia is independent and she is a nice attribute to LCOOCC library.

Gabrielle “Gabby” Kiggins

Gabby is Red Cliff tribal member and a full-time LCOOCC college student who is scheduled to Graduate with Honors in May 2019. Gabby interned at Willow Animal Hospital. Gabby is passionate about animals and is currently pursuing a path toward become a Veterinarian.

Gabby has had the chance to assist veterinarians with real-life hands-on duties such as shadowing a canine C-Section. Gabby is also passionate about Native American culture and works a second internship with LCOOCC faculty Michelle Haskins to transcribe stories into the Ojibwemowin Language.

Alayna LaRonge

Alayna is a student at LCOOCC. Alayna is currently working toward an associate degree in Human Services. Alayna is a very hard working determined person. She puts in a lot of work in to helping assist the Financial Aid Department.

Barbara Lauren

Barbara is a full-time LCOOCC college student attending all her courses at the NEW LCOOCC Red Cliff Cabin. Barbara is a very organized and thorough individual who is doing an excellent job assisting LCOOCC Red Cliff staff with administrative duties. Barbara often assists other students at the Red Cliff site in succeeding.

Ashley Matrious Ashley assists both the School Nurse in administering care and assists with administrative tasks involved in operating the St. Croix outreach site. Ashley is a nursing major, is scheduled to graduate this May 2019, and has made the President's List in previous semesters.

Bernice Mixsooke

Bernice currently works with the St. Croix TRAILS program. She assists at risk students to engage in positive life choices and assists in leading cultural based activities.

Tiffany Melton

Tiffany is a full-time student at LCOOCC and is scheduled to graduate May 2019. Tiffany has a passion for Plant Biology and will earn her Associates Degree in Science. Tiffany’s internship has been serving both TRiO and Student Services departments through the Spring 2019 semester. Tiffany is a thorough and hard-working young woman; she is always eager to take on new challenges and develop new skills.

Leonard Ortiz

Lonnie is a student at LCOOCC. Lonnie is pursuing associates of Human Services. He is a quick learner and very hard worker. Lonnie is an independent worker and is a nice addition to the Nursing Department.

Susan Poppe

Susan is a full time student at LCOOCC and has made the Dean's list on several occasion. Susan is pursuing an associates of business administration. She is a quick learner and has acquired many occupational skills through several student internships. Susan is independent and is the shining face of LCOOCC handling every administrative task with ease.

Serena Quagon

Serena Quagon is a 2nd year student at LCOOCC. Serena is engaged in several extracurricular activities such as Art Club and AIHEC. Serena is scheduled to graduate May 2019 with a well-earned Associates in Liberal Arts with a Certificate in Native American Arts. Serena began her internship through TRiO in a previous semester and has added great value to the TRiO program.

Kiana-Mae Reynolds

Kiana-Mae Reynolds currently does her internship through the St. Croix elder center. Kiana assists elder center staff in providing care as well as preforming administrative tasks. Kiana is in the first year of her liberal arts degree and has grown both personally and professionally.

Rosi Ramsey

Rosi is a full-time 2nd year student at LCOOCC. Rosi is currently working toward an associate degree in Native American Studies and a Certificate in Ojibwe Language. Rosi is very interested in pursuing a path of Suicide Prevention. Rosi is a wise and insightful elder of LCOOCC and the community. Rosi has been working with NAS faculty Dennis White to translate common words such as “door” and “computer” from English to Ojibwe. This list will be used to eventually label items around LCOOCC increasing the College’s everyday use of the Ojibwe Language.

Gia Smith

Gia is a duel-enrolled LCO High School student and is in her first few semesters at LCOOCC. Gia works hard in her college classes as well as behind the counter of LCO Child Support. Though LCOOCC has had interns working for LCO Child Support in the past, Gia’s position specifically focuses on duties related to LCO Tribal Court related cases.

Patrick Stone

Patrick is a LCOOCC student enrolled into the Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Degree and is a 2019 Graduate. Patrick has been interning with LCO Conservation. Patrick is a hard worker and loves working in his degree field.

Trent Strapon

Trent is a LCOOCC student enrolled into the Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Degree. Trent has been interning with LCO Conservation. Trent loves working in the Environment and working with the animals in their natural habitats.

Internship Funding is provided through:

Federal Work Study internships are funded by the Department of Education. Students are eligible to earn wages to help pay education positions.

Work Based Learning is funded through a grant from the Wisconsin Technical College System, it is intended to upgrade employability skills through career exploration and professional development for adults and youth, students and community members.

Project Success is funded by Ascendium, it is intended to assist in removing barriers to completion and help more learners from low-income backgrounds reach the education and career goals that matter most to them.

The Learning Center Peer Tutors are funded by the Perkins Grant. These positions provide individual or group based tutoring for students in a variety of academic course work, assist the daily functions and workshops hosted by the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College's Learning Center.

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