Ishpiming Bimise “Flying High Up in the Sky” Rocket Team

April 18, 2018: The LCO College’s Ishpimise bimose “Flying High Up in the Sky” Rocket Team took 3rd place this year at the First Nations Launch Competition, sponsored by the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium and funded by NASA.

Because of this they have been invited to RockOn! 2018, a week long

workshop being held at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in eastern Virginia, nearly on the Atlantic Coast. Wallops also has a larger launch facility right on the coast where they fly some big rockets. Several resupply missions to the Space Station have been launched from there.

Melissa Knop, Marcus Morrow, Lola Barth, Russel Corbine, and Roberta Crowe and staff member Greg Furtman will be attending. This is all funded by NASA.

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