This course emphasizes aspects of providing personal and supportive/rehabilitative healthcare to clients needing assistance in their home or other care facilities. Basic knowledge and skills acquired through this course include clients' rights, communication, rehabilitation, positioning and transfer skills, infection control, and safety. Personal Care Worker is a 40-hour course that combines online instruction with laboratory practice time and a final written exam and skills competency testing assessed under the guidance of a registered nurse.

Student Profile

As a Personal Care Worker student, you should be able to:

  • Display a caring attitude toward ill clients and their families

  • Be flexible, empathetic, and nonjudgmental

  • Be emotionally stable

  • Adjust to diverse personalities, background, and home environments

  • Have a Care Giver background check completed that will allow the student to work in the healthcare industry.

Program Outcomes

Employers will expect, after completing the certificate, that students will:

  • Provide personal care for clients

  • Communicate effectively with clients, families, and healthcare teams

Career Outlook

Graduates with a certificate in PCW

can lead to career positions in:

  • Home care services

  • County and private healthcare agencies

  • Independent practices

***After completion of this certificate, students may continue on their Career Pathway to include:

  • Nursing Assistant

  • Registered Nurse