This specialized certificate is designed for individuals who seek knowledge and experience with the Ojibwe language as the principal means of understanding the Ojibwe culture and people. Student learning focuses primarily on use of the Ojibwe language and the incorporation of Ojibwe culture and traditional activities through the language. Topics that are covered in this certificate program include the importance of language as a means of cultural expression, communication, and revitalization

Student Profile

As a student in this certificate program, you should:

  • Desire knowledge of the Ojibwe language

  • Be committed to daily use of Ojibwe Language

Program Outcomes

Students who complete the Certificate in Ojibwe Language will:

  • Use Ojibwemowin proficiently

  • Express aspects of Ojibwe culture through the medium of Ojibwemowin

  • Utilize Ojibwe texts, media, and other resource

Career Outlook

Graduates with a specialized certificate in Ojibwe language can lead to career positions in such fields as cultural educator, teaching assistant, media program developer, translator, museum and archival work, and journalism.

The Ojibwe language can also be an important second skill for many jobs in Native business, industry, government, and human services,

while also serving as a gateway to increasing potential for personal growth and advancement.