Degree Plan

Certified Nursing Assistant

This course prepares students for entry-level employment as a nursing assistant in a health care facility or a client’s home. Students are able to perform specific nursing assistant care under the direct supervision of a licensed registered nurse. This course is designed to meet the requirements of the State of Wisconsin Certified Nursing Assistance board and allows students the ability to take the Certified Nursing Assistance licensure exam.

Student Profile

Students entering the Nursing Assistant program should possess the following:

1. A desire to be part of a team dedicated to healing and improving lives.

2. A desire to provide direct care to patients.

Program Outcomes

After completing the Nursing Assistant certificate, students will:

  • Schedule and take their board test with Headmaster to receive Wisconsin State Certification.

  • To provide certification of their license to enter a Nursing, Medical Assistant, or Home Health Aide training program.

Career Outlook

CNAs have a choice of job opportunities. Many like to work in residential or long-term care facilities.


But there are other options, depending on your interests: hospitals, clinics, or hospices. You can also get additional certification in some specialties, including geriatrics and pediatrics.