The mission of the Oshki Bimaadiziiwin Jail Education Program is to advance knowledge and strengthen ties to our communities through education for incarcerated audiences.

The program offers college credit courses to incarcerated individuals in the following jails

Sawyer County Jail

 The program offers four courses:

 Introduction to Higher Education (college and life success program)

Through these courses the students are better prepared for life by developing skills in time management, writing skills, study skills, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, personal responsibility, and healthy social and emotional interactions.  Students are also exposed to Ojibwe language and culture by learning and practicing a greetings speech and the incorporation of Ojibwe culture and traditions to our courses

These courses continue basic core knowledge for our college students and provide a positive connection to their culture and to their communities. They are also transferrable into degree programs on our main campus and outreach sites.