This program offer students a chance to complete Pre-Nursing curriculum at LCOOCC and then transfer to various other schools of nursing for a BSN (Bachelors of Science – Nursing).  This combined approach allows students to enter the exciting field of nursing well prepared to serve the healthcare needs of Native American people.  Once the coursework is successfully completed at LCOOCC, the student will then transfer to complete their final two years to obtain a Bachelor of Science.  Upon graduation of a BSN, students are eligible to take the national licensing (National Council of State Boards of Nursing: NCLEX-RN) comprehensive exam to become licensed as a Registered Nurse.


As a Pre-Nursing student, you should:

  • Have good manual dexterity and visual acuity
  • Respond well in stressful situations
  • Desire to help others in need
  • Pass a standard background check (Required for state licensure as a Registered Nurse)

LCOOCC's Pre-nursing program does not require, but strongly recommends students to complete the Nursing Assistant (NA) Course (XXX - 3 credits) as well as CPR Certification. The CNA course, while not needed to graduate from LCOOCC, is required in order to gain acceptance to any four- year nursing program.


Students who complete the Associate Degree in Pre-Nursing should be able to:

  • Matriculate into a School of Nursing
  • Demonstrate diverse perspectives on Health Care Issues in relation to Human Growth and Development
  • Demonstrate diverse perspectives in Microbiology


This program is a transfer degree and requires additional clinical training as part of a BSN program to become a registered nurse.  Upon completion of Nursing Assistant Course and Certification test, students can practice as a Certified Nursing Assistant.