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**THIS PROGRAM ENDED 5/31/2016**


The Geographic Information Systems Technician Certificate is a 31-credit program designed to take the learner from the general computer technology work environment to entry-level geo-spatial information technology including spatial data management, analysis, and visualization.  The program is designed for both working professionals and for students entering the job market with their new degrees.

Students will develop skills in data collection, input, management, and analysis. They will learn GIS project development from inception to project completion and information delivery using industry- standard software.  Students will apply their knowledge by participating in a variety of multidisciplinary, hands-on experiences in a community service-learning capacity.


As a GIS Technician Student, you should:

  • Be interested in working with computer applications
  • Have good communications skills
  • Have interest in data collection and analysis
  • Desire to work at a desk


Students completing this program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate skills to perform entry-level work as a GIS Technician.
  • Understand and apply basic GIS techniques and methods as required in the workplace.


Graduates of this GIS Technician One-Year Certificate will apply to a multitude of positions because geospatial analysis skills span many disciplines.  Career possibilities:

  • Government
  • Engineering
  • Marketing/Business
  • Municipal Planning/Management