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Renewable Energy Studies

LCOOCC offers two distinct ways to study renewable energy:

The Renewable Energy Certificate Program (31 credits)

 As an Emphasis track in the Natural Resource Management Associate of Applied Science degree

The Professional Courses in each of these two distinct options are the same; the General Ed courses differ.  


This program is designed to introduce students to the field of renewable energy (RE) and to provide hands-on skills for installing and maintaining RE systems. The program has courses designed to address a broad spectrum of interests; from general learners to experienced electricians. Some students become do-it-yourselfers who install RE in their own homes or go on to build their own solar homes. The program provides a foundation for students preparing for a career in the RE industry. When coupled with further education and business training this program can lead to self-employment or employment as an RE Specialist.


Course # Course Title Credits
General Education Requirements
EDC 110 Introduction to Higher Education 3
BUS 160 Professional Development and Interpersonal Skills 3
NAS 100 Introduction to Tribal Cultures 3
Professional Courses
SCI 105 Introduction to Renewable Energy 4
SCI 121 Wiring Renewable Energy Systems 4
SCI 122 Solar Electric Systems 5
SCI 123 Hybrid Wind Systems 4
SCI 124 Energy Storage for RE Systems 2
SCI 125 Energy Efficiency and Green Building Practices 3


For a look at the Spring 2011 Course Schedule click here. Scroll on down to the Science (SCI) section.



Top 10 Reasons to Learn About Renewable Energy

1.  Learn how your choices affect Mother Earth

Learn how clean energy choices can help your family

3. Learn how renewable energy(RE) can help support your community

Learn how to lower your energy bills …. Quickly and cheaply


Learn about alternative transportation choices and how to stretch your transportation dollars


Learn about ‘green’ building and lowering space heating bills


Learn how you can put together a RE system to free yourself from the power company


Learn about the trends and the new technology of the RE industry


Learn how to start a new career in the up and coming field of renewable energy


Learn what YOU can do to pass on a better world to your children and your children’s children.


LCOOCC Installs Solar Electric System at College!  During this past school year Steve Kozak and his Renewable Energy students installed a 4.2Kw photovoltaic system on the roof of the college. To read more on this project click here

To see a slide show of the project click here

The below information is directly from the SMA Sunny Boy inverter.  The Sunny Boy has a web interface to  allow users to monitor their solar system.

If the forward/backward date buttons don't work properly you can go directly to the LCOOCC Sunny Portal web site by clicking here.