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This program is designed to prepare individuals for entry-level careers in general science fields. Specifically, the program will provide training for biomedical, quality assurance, biological technician, or lab assistant jobs. It is designed for students wishing to pursue four-year degrees in biotechnology, biomedical sciences, allied health professions, biology, chemistry, food science and quality, pre-medicine or pre-veterinary. Students in this program will be involved in a self-directed research project with opportunities available at LCOOCC and other schools or agencies.


This program is designed for students who:

• Solve problems and adapt to changing situations
• Demonstrate an ability to work independently
• Can express the results of their work in written or oral reports
• Have a keen eye for detail and methods
• Have good organizational skills
• Are interested in general science careers



The following qualities or experiences may help prepare you for entry into this program:

• Basic algebra and math skills
• Basic English proficiency
• Basic computer skills
• Basic communication skills
• Critical thinking skills



Students who complete the Associate of Science degree should be able to:

• Apply the scientific method
• Apply natural/physical science concepts.



Employers expect graduates of Science, to be able to:

• Apply the knowledge and methodology of biology, chemistry, anatomy & physiology, and microbiology in their job depending upon the position chosen
• Practice professional data collection, and express the results of the work in written and verbal reports
• Work independently and accomplish goals in a timely manner
• Exercise sound judgment and problem solving skills

Graduates of the Science program are prepared to enter UW-La Crosse or other baccalaureate institutions as a third year degree student or begin a career as a:

• Veterinary assistant
• Laboratory assistant
• Biological technician
• Quality control technician
• Health aide
• Dietetic technician


Associate of Science - Science

View or Print Degree Plan (pdf).