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The Casino Operations Management degree program is designed for individuals who wish to operate and manage the dynamics of gaming enterprises. Until recently, gaming has not been a subject of study in higher education, Because of the growing legalization of gaming throughout the United States, a number of higher educational institutions have begun to offer associate degrees, baccalaureate degrees and certificate programs in casino management, tourism and entertainment disciplines.

Student learning focuses on both the technical and managerial aspects of gaming within the academic context. Students will learn the basics of hospitality management with a focus on gaming operations, casino marketing, lodging, transportation, food and beverage services, protective services and gaming law.



As a Casino Operations Management student, you should be willing to:

* Consider a career in gaming
* Gain a greater understanding of the various services offered to the public in a gaming enterprise
* Understand the critical importance of gaming to Native American self-determination and tribal economic development
* Think critically when evaluating information and research material



The following qualities and experiences may help prepare you for entry into this program:

* A willingness to become a part of an exciting, growing industry
* An outgoing personality
* Basic computer skills
* Basic communication and human relation skills
* Critical thinking skills



As a graduate of this program, you will be able to:

* Demonstrate proficiency in using Microsoft Office
* Demonstrate effective business communications
* Compute basic business mathematics
* Identify the means by which a casino manages profitability



Graduates of the Casino Operations Management degree program should be well qualified to apply for a variety of positions within the gaming industry, not only among tribal enterprises but also in the gaming industry at large. In addition, an associate degree in Casino Operations Management will allow you to enter further undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs in games management, entertainment, lodging, food and beverage service, protective services and tourism development, both at home and abroad.

View or Print Degree Plan (pdf).