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This program will prepare you for employment and/or transfer to a baccalaureate program in the areas of agriculture, natural resource, or renewable energy management. You will have the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to assess natural and renewable resources, in addition to collecting, applying, and analyzing data using a variety of methods. Students will be provided the opportunity to participate in internship and hands-on experiences at the college farm and other area agricultural and resource agencies.


A student pursuing this degree should be interested in working with people in an outdoor environmental setting.


Students applying for this program should have:

* Basic English
* Basic Math and Pre-algebra skills
* Basic computer skills
* Basic communication and human relations skills
* Critical thinking skills
* A desire to help people and the environment



Students graduating from this program will be able to apply natural science concepts to Ag/Natural Resources issues and apply the scientific method.


Graduates of this Agriculture & Natural Resource Management program will be qualified for a variety of positions including some of the following:

* Forestry Technician
* Water Quality Specialist
* Conservation Warden
* Park Ranger
* Environmental Educator
* Wildlife or Fisheries Technician
* Greenhouse Manager
* Renewable Energy Specialist
* GPS or GIS Technician

LCOOCC is a great setting for the study of natural resources and renewable energy. Right outside the buildings are opportunities to experience and study these career fields. In the Land Resource emphasis there is an opportunity to participate with the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in the 2 + 2 program.

Land Emphasis

View or Print Degree Plan (pdf).

Water Emphasis

View or Print Degree Plan (pdf).

Renewable Energy Emphasis

View or Print Degree Plan (pdf).