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The Human Services Curriculum is designed to educate and prepare graduates to fulfill a wide range of families’ and individuals’ needs in a variety of human service settings, especially in and around tribal communities. The program combines liberal arts education, human services/mental health care courses, and a practicum course. Information is presented in the classroom setting and through field placements in supervised programs/experiences. Professional attitudes, personal growth, knowledge, and skills are distinct components of the Human Services Program. This Program of Study is also appropriate for those individuals who wish primarily to improve their understanding of themselves and of the society in which they live. NOTE: In order to graduate, LCOOCC Human Services students must have a 2.5 GPA in the program.


The following qualities and experiences may help prepare you for entry into this program:

* Having a sincere desire to help others is an important qualification * Communicate effectively in writing and speech * Think critically and use good judgment * Exhibit cultural awareness and develop positive rapport with diverse groups * Accept and respond appropriately to feedback * Establishing a high standard of moral conduct for yourself and others is important for being a successful human service worker * Having a commitment to self improvement is a must * Personal qualities valuable in human services work, especially for direct-services positions, include: sensitivity, compassion, patience, tact, a sense of humor, and flexibility.



Students who complete the Associate Degree in Human Services should be able to:

* Understand issues which potentially cause people to experience problems in life
* Prepare service plans which serve to help people resolve issues of concern
* Guide people through systems which are in place to help with a variety of problems

Note: Students enrolled in this program will work on a professional portfolio (beginning with Introduction to Human Services) ongoing throughout the two years. It will be completed and ready to use with prospective employers during the last weeks of the Human Services practicum. Currently the 2+2 agreement with UW-Superior is being revised and updated to roll out in Fall 2010 with our revised degree.


Positions available to students after graduation may include:

* Case Worker
* Community Support Worker
* Income Maintenance Worker
* Information and Referral Specialist
* Intake Worker
* Outreach Worker
* Prevention Worker
* Residential Manager
* Social Services Assistant
* Adult Day Care Worker
* Human Services Technician
* Counselor Assistant
* Residential Counselor
* Youth Care Counselor
* Family Advocate