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The Associate of Arts - General Studies (AA-GS) is an open degree plan, allowing students to create their own program focus (within certain limitations). This degree is an excellent transfer degree, as students can customize their course selection to allow for the greatest possibility of transfer credits at a four-year institution.


The AA-GS has the potential for several ideal audiences. These audiences are:

* Students with earned college credits from a variety of sources (LCOOCC, other regionally accredited colleges, American Council of Education (ACE) approved civilian or military training, CLEP/DSST exams, etc.) who have the desire to complete their degree.
* Students who have a certificate from LCOOCC or another regionally accredited institution who desire to earn an Associates Degree.
* Students who plan to transfer to a specific baccalaureate program can customize their course selection for ease of transfer to the receiving institution.
* Students who wish to have a customized broad-based liberal arts education.
* Non-degree or undeclared students who are unsure what degree to pursue.



Upon completion of this program, successful students will:

* Express themselves clearly and correctly in writing
* Express themselves clearly and effectively in public speaking
* Demonstrate an understanding of Ojibwe and other Native American cultures
* Demonstrate an understanding of -- and ability to apply -- mathematical concepts
* Be able to locate, gather, and synthesize information.