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The Native American Studies degree program is designed for individuals who seek knowledge and experience of indigenous history, culture, language, literature, arts, philosophy, political and social science, and sovereignty.

Student learning focuses on Ojibwe culture and the interaction between traditional and contemporary knowledge and activities. Topics that will be examined in this degree program include: the historical and contemporary relationship between Native and non-Native people, the unique status of Native Americans as nations with sovereign powers, and the importance of language as a means of cultural expression and revitalization. This degree provides special emphasis on the language, culture, and traditions of the Ojibwe of the Great Lakes Region.


As a Native American Studies student, you should be willing to:

* Formulate an understanding of Native peoples and their experiences
* Gain a greater understanding of the history, language, and culture of Native people and their respective communities
* Maximize cultural experiences beyond the classroom setting
* Think critically when evaluating information and research material



The following qualities and experiences may help prepare you for entry into this program:

* Prior knowledge and experience with Native communities and the issues/topics related to Native people
* Previous employment or volunteer experience working with Native communities
* Basic computer skills
* Basic communication and human relations skills
* Critical thinking skills



Students completing the Native American Studies program should be able to:

* Demonstrate proficiency in Ojibwemowin
* Demonstrate knowledge of sovereignty and the unique political status of Native Americans in the United States
* Evaluate documents pertaining to Native Americans
* Articulate how they incorporate Ojibwe culture into their lives



Graduates of the Native American Studies (NAS) Degree program are prepared to: think critically, understand history, and interact successfully with Native American populations. A degree in Native American Studies will allow you to enter further undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.

A variety of career options are available. Some of the areas into which a degree in NAS might lead include Ojibwe language instruction, employment through Native American organizations; Federal, state, and tribal organizations; Public Health; Native law and politics; Museum and archival work; Social work and counseling; Research specialization; Journalism and other media; Teaching; training and development; Research specialization.

Native American Studies

View or Print Degree Plan (pdf).

Native American Studies - Ojibwe Language Emphasis

View or Print Degree Plan (pdf).