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This associate degree program will provide the student with a solid background in medical office management, strategic planning, customer orientation, contemporary health care issues, communication skills, managerial accounting, and health claims processing.


As a Medical Office Mid-Management student, you should be able to:

* Express ideas verbally and in writing
* Display critical thinking skills
* Enjoy learning new methods and procedures
* Possess a strong interest in the medical management and business management fields
* Communicate concerns relative to contemporary health care issues
* Enjoy working with people
* Display leadership skills



The following experiences will help you prepare for this program:

* Keyboarding
* Basic computer skills
* English/basic grammar
* Biology
* Consumer math/accounting

The key to your success in a Medical office Mid-Management position is having strong communication and human relation skills, along with excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills.


As a graduate of this program, you will be able to:

* Demonstrate competence in basic medical office administrative skills.
* Demonstrate professionalism in regional community clinical settings



Employers will expect you, as a Medical Office Mid-Management graduate to be able to:

* Manage people and use staff conflict resolution
* Exercise excellent decision-making skills, along with good problem solving abilities
* Understand fiscal and accounting applications
* Compose correspondence and reports
* Implement strategic planning techniques
* Operate computer equipment using various software programs
* Use leadership skills in managerial roles
* Demonstrate a strong work ethic and teamwork ability
* Understand contemporary health care issues
* Know billing/insurance issues
* Manage a service-oriented environment recognizing the patient as the consumer
* Demonstrate continuous quality improvement/total quality management



Graduates of the Medical Office Mid-Management program are in demand. National studies have shown mid-level managers have much needed skills, particularly in personnel management and hold necessary technical abilities. This program strongly addresses the skills to meet mid-management position requirements and will prepare the graduate for careers, which include:

* Mid-Management Administrative positions in health care clinics and managed care organizations
* Mid-Management Administrative positions in hospitals
* Health care department head supervisors


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