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This Certificate provides you with all the education hours (360) needed or state certification as a substance abuse counselor in Wisconsin.  Coursework covers assessment, professional responsibilities, education, case management and counseling.  Additional supervised work experience, additional written examinations and an application portfolio must also be completed for state certification as a substance abuse counselor.  Courses also can be used for continuing education credits.


AODA associates are held to high ethical standards to inspire respect, trust and confidence.  Your conduct must never compromise your ability to fulfill your professional responsibilities.  To succeed, your skills and character must include:

  • Emotional stability, maturity, self-awareness, self-discipline, and personal responsibility
  • A lifestyle free of substance use-related problems
  • An interest in working with people and appreciation of cultural diversity
  • Strong reading, writing, and abstract thinking skills.


Students who complete the Certificate in AODA should be able to:

  • Develop education and skill development specific to the prevention process
  • Evaluate the impact of community organization in specific to substance abuse prevention
  • Identify key issues related to public and organization policy
  • Apply an ethical decision-making process to personal and professional situations
  • Support professional growth and responsibility related to working in the substance abuse field


This certificate combined with a related degree prepares you for work in a licensed AODA facilities such as clinics, hospitals, and community residential facilities.

  • Substance abuse counselor
  • treatment Specialist
  • AODA counselor